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Summer in the sun



Words: Rachel Aitken

Scotland has been blessed with glorious sunshine these past few weeks, and the Buzz team have been busy tanning up, and relaxing in the beautiful city of Edinburgh (as well as researching for our dissertations of course!) Edinburgh is an incredible city, even more so in the sun. To celebrate, the Buzz team would like to tell you about the best things to do and places to go, when Edinburgh is shining.


Caoilfhionn Maguire, Deputy Editor: Go up Carlton Hill, or walk along the canal, or go to Portobello!

Julia Brown, Advertising and Marketing: Walk along Crammond, it’s so lovely in the sun. And there’s a cute wee cafe where you can eat scones and look at the river.

Sophie Pinkoski, Features Editor: Sit and read in Princes Street Gardens, overlooking the castle.




Arusa Qureshi, Editor: A visit to Gullane for sure. It’s something I used to do a lot when I was little!

Adam Harris, Advertising and Marketing: Drink on the street! (The Glasgow team members are very jealous of this aspect of Edinburgh law!)

Rachel Aitken, Digital Editor: Pop on the train to Glasgow! Nothing beats sitting in front of Kelvingrove Art Gallery with a book. It helps that it tends to be 5+ degrees warmer than Edinburgh too.

Rachel Sharp, Editorial: Two words: beer garden. Although I don’t like beer, so just a rum and coke for me.


Edinburgh has some great beer gardens just waiting for you. Some of our favourites include Akva, where you can sit overlooking the canal (and you might even spot Adam working hard behind the bar); Blackbird, who have some fantastic summer themed cocktails; Peartree, who even host barbecues in their wonderful beer garden; and, if you do head to Glasgow, try Brel, a West End bar whose garden gets the sun all day long. And remember: drink and tan responsibly. We’re Scottish. Hence, we burn.


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